Paint Symposium



Laurel Berry is a painter who is concerned predominantly with the materiality of her medium and it's evocative, tactile nature - this acts as the driving force behind her practice. Laurel graduated in October 2015 from The University of Suffolk with a MA in Arts Practice, specialising in painting.







Organiser Laura Leahy is a visual artist whose practice is mainly project based. Each project begins by using an object chosen as a trigger for social and artistic exchange, articulated through the use of paint, video, photography and participatory events. Laura graduated with an MA in Arts Practice from The University of Suffolk in 2015. Laura has recently been working as an Art Coordinator and an Occasional Lecturer.



Marketing and Press Coordinator and recent addition to the team, Emily Godden is a visual artist whose practice is currently focused around printmaking stretched into its broadest sense of existence to explore, document and translate both physically and naturally occurring traces through the medium of print. Emily is currently studying MA  Fine Art at Anglian Ruskin University and has exhibited work at Tate Britain, Firstsite, The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and was recently shortlisted for the Batsford Prize for Fine Art.


Artist Liaison and Exhibition Coordinator Adam Riches is an artists whose work is predominantly concerned with the exploration of the human form, through the processes of drawing and painting. Adam works mainly from photographic references using historical, political and media figures, and from images of the people around him. Adam graduate from The University of Suffolk with a BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2016.













The event is presented in association with The University of Suffolk