Paint Symposium

Shaun Camp


I am particularly interested in the intersection between subject and trace; where trace might be seen as an absencing of a presence. Much of my work serves as an interstice denoting that which is not fully expressed, thus the resultant works serves as a residue of an event, or subject; the referent is flawed and lacking through an absence of specificity. Through the dissolution of the focal point, pictorial juxtaposition, narrative residue and collisions, the coming together of action, space, and time is suspended. Through the work’s haptic qualities, the viewer is confronted with a material presence which interrupts readings, thus the familiar is made unfamiliar. The common place assumes an uncommon presence. Key influences have been Deleuze’s notion of the time-image, Bergson’s ideas centred upon duration and Mark’s ‘The Skin of the Film.’






The event is presented in association with The University of Suffolk